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BRCA Testing – Making Treatment Decisions Today and Planning for the Future

The ubiquity of the pink ribbon campaign, the prevalence of precision medicine as a recurring theme in every scientific and medical journal, and the very fact that BRCA has entered the lexicon of society – globally – suggests that breast cancer testing is standard. Indeed, something that has been part of everyday life for some… Read article →

PITX2: A novel biomarker to support breast cancer therapy selection

PITX2 DNA methylation status is a clinically relevant biomarker to predict survival in a variety of cancers, including breast cancer, and is a predictive biomarker for treatment response in high- risk breast cancer patients. Applying PITX2 methylation as a predictive biomarker can help avoid use of chemotherapy in patients that would receive  little or no… Read article →

Leading Innovation in Biomarker Testing: Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Cutting edge approaches such as NGS are the future of biomarker testing, but require expertise from industry leaders like QIAGEN to develop. QIAGEN’s biomarker assays are designed to ease the challenges faced by those who perform the tests. By engaging with stakeholders, such as laboratorians and oncologists, QIAGEN’s diagnostic assays aim to deliver multiple benefits… Read article →