Loralyn Mears

Loralyn Mears

Loralyn Mears, PhD

As a translator with nearly 20 years of experience listening to what scientists need and what software developers say they can build, liaising between the two groups to drive product development and messaging so that both sides get what they need – and want. Loralyn has held a variety of roles within the life sciences anchored in market development for analytics and ‘omics technologies. She brings a combination of marketing, alliance management, sales and innovation to the company. Her specialty is connecting the dots aligning needs to products to people with a personal mission to help others and upholds the philosophy that better tools = better health.


• Strategy and Go-to-Market

• ‘omics liaison between technical and commercial efforts

• Market Research

• Alliance Management, Change Management & Governance

• Business Development


• PhD Molecular Biology

• MSc Physiology

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