Infographic: Filtering the flood

The global DNA sequencing capacity is increasing 3x-5x per year, leading to an unprecedented flood of biological data. Already, the output of biological data amounts to 15 petabytes a year (the equivalent of >3 million DVDs) and its amount doubles every 9 months, making it hard for scientists to keep up and put the information in context. As a result, there is a critical need for powerful and easy-to-use bioinformatics tools that help to harness the vast amount of highly complex biological data to generate valuable molecular insights. View our infographic, Filtering the Flood, to find out more.

Frances Slater

Frances Slater, PhD, is a Senior Technical and Marketing Writer for Global MDx Marketing at QIAGEN. She trained as a molecular biologist at King's College London before moving into marketing communications for the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries. She is passionate about communicating the power and value of molecular technologies for research and healthcare.

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